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Thread: Please Don't be THIS GUY and try to be Understanding Regarding WAYALIFE Decals

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noble Woodsman View Post
    So that makes your behavior right?

    Since you are the administrator of this forum and the business owner, yes, you should be held accountable for remaining professional. Aside from that point, the moment you posted this guy's personal information in a thread intended to humiliate him, you opened yourself up to harassment charges, consumer protection violations, and privacy law issues. I'm sure it was just an oversight originally, but it's strange that you continue to defend your actions after being called out - just blur the guy's details and move on.
    Were you a hall monitor in school?

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    Who really didn’t see that coming? He’s so full of shit I bet his eyes are brown

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    I really wasn't sure where this thread was going at first...gotta say. I was kinda bored at first...shit happens. It's a fuckin sticker, but DAMN!!! Great entertainment first thing in the a.m. he called him yellow!!!?? Ain't heard that in forever! Lmao guess he got offended by the verbal kung fu! Priceless!! Carry on

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    Quote Originally Posted by USMC Wrangler View Post

    Definitely how you packaged his decal.
    Just read this thread. First off, id like to say, it makes me what to order a decal. Putting that on my to do list. Second, im going to order a second decal for the asshole racist Frenchy that this whole post is about. I want you to ship one to him, and i want you to package it like USMC wrangler shows above.

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    Lol. I forgot about Captain Baguette. He went off the fucking deep end.
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    Always good for a laugh going back and reading these

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    I got my decal today and it was in perfect condition.

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