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Thread: Mini Split Ac units

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    Mini Split Ac units

    So looking into a mini split for the garage. My garage is just over 600sqf. Anyone running the Mr Cool Diy or suggestions on a good unit with a mobile app to control?

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    Iíve been looking at doing this for the new house. Iíll wait to see the responses before I buy one.

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    I'll be following this along as well

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    I can't speak to this brand in particular, but mini-split units in general are pain in the ass pieces of shit. The off-brands moreso than the name brands.

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    Weíve installed a few Mitsubishi units at my plant and they have been great. I donít know if they have any mobile app capability but the last two were wireless thermostats so my guess would be that itís a possibility.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BaddestCross View Post
    I can't speak to this brand in particular, but mini-split units in general are pain in the ass pieces of shit. The off-brands moreso than the name brands.

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    My HVAC guy f'n loves them. Other than being ugly they always seem to work well.

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    These are used all over the world but not so much in the US. We use 1000's of them (Chigo Brand) on bases in Afghanistan and Iraq. Other countries tend to build places without central heating and air, so these small split units go in easily.

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    As someone whoís worked in Afghanistan and Iraq for the past 8 years Iíve had my fair share of experience with these. As mentioned earlier the no-name brand ones are garbage. Iíve had good experience with the LG and Mitsubishi ones. They hold up well. Iíve been at my current job for 3 years and the AC unit I have in my room has been working like a champ with outside air temps up to 100 deg. Itís an older unit that has obviously been installed for more much more than 3 years. I canít tell you how itíll do at 10 years old, but overall these units here seem to hold up well if you keep the air filter clean.

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    Heres my 2 cents. I can assure you in my field of work we rely quite heavily on our air conditioning units.
    Just about any HVAC specialist you talk to will more than likely tell you to avoid the mini split system.
    I have a couple 2 ton mini splits. I also have a 4 ton forced air unit.
    My forced air unit does work great. I have head pressure controls on it that tend to go bad a couple times a year. This is a Guardian brand. It's been in daily use for about 6 years.
    My 2 mini split units have worked out great also. They have required a little less maintenance. They both have been in daily use for about 7 years.
    Ideal Air offers a wide variety of mini split units that may suit your needs. We have installed some of there plug and play models. Customers liked them. Pretty sure they have wifi models available as well.
    All of my ac units are used year round and have stood up to that very well. Over the years I have spoken to several service technicians most of them suggest the forced air but all of them have installed mini split units and had happy customers.
    Whatever you choose, best of luck and hope you stay cool.

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    Like others have said. Stay with LG or Mitsubishi. Iíve had a number of those installed in my clients homes over the years with very good results. They are a bit pricey, but they do last and are very efficient.

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