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Thread: East Meets West: Moab and Ouray August 1-9, 2020

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    Quote Originally Posted by nbunga View Post
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    I had the same thing happen just before Moab. Mine backed out when I was putting the wheels back on and was hitting the parking brake assembly and actually stopped the Jeep when I was backing out of the shop.
    It's always something isn't it.

    I didn't realize the studs were threaded, or I would have paid more attention to them in the beginning.

    What I'm curious about is how it made the whole trip, over 3,000 miles since I left home, then started hitting the brake while driving down the highway at 65-70.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdofmemi View Post
    Your shaft is an odd break for one that big. What do you think caused it?
    Yeah no real idea. Best guess impurity in the metal and with the 242 shafts being drilled and tapped instead of threaded on the end it let go at the most convenient time as place 🤪.

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