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Thread: 15% OFF LUX Lights Special Ends Soon!!

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    15% OFF LUX Lights Special Ends Soon!!

    For those of you who's seen our video featuring the awesome LUX Rock Lights and have been wanting a set of your own, I just wanted to let you know that the 15% OFF savings on them for WAYALIFE forum members will be ending next Friday, October the 9th. Needless to say, you'll want to order yours up soon and be sure to enter in the WAYALIFE15 code when checking out to get your discount!!
    Enter WAYALIFE15 to SAVE 15%!!

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    I Used the code, super fast shipping from LUX too. Thanks again Eddie!

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    Thanks Eddie, just placed my order.

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    Twist my arm.. Order complete. Thanks for the discount. ProComp set I bought a few years ago and have been try to figure out away to attach a magnet to them will go in the engine bay. A few of them anyway.

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    15% OFF LUX Lights Special Ends Soon!!

    Thanks again for the Code. Great quality product and they throw a ton of light.


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    1985 CJ8 Scrambler
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    Good Winter project! Got a set on the way

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    Might need to add these to knuckles
    Jeep parts and accessories purchased through the following link will help support this forum and at no cost to you.

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    Awaiting install-
    On Order-
    Want list- Evo carrier and skins, PSC hydro assis

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    Definitely was an easy install, and being able to adjust them easily is a bonus. Thanks again for the discount Eddie!

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    Thanks Eddie and Lux for the discount!
    I purchased mine right after I saw your video a couple weeks ago, discount saved me $53.
    Which the extra savings was very handy for the other things you made me buy, like your CB bar, switch pros and your bracket for Cb bar, Midland micro mobile, and now probably some KC lights, lol..
    I love your video's though, they re-motivate me to get things done..
    2019 Jeep JLUR

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    Quote Originally Posted by wjtstudios View Post
    Thanks again for the Code. Great quality product and they throw a ton of light.


    2015 JKUR AEV JK350
    1985 CJ8 Scrambler
    I badly need it since I have poor vision at night. Btw, this build looks cool!

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