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Thread: Gps Devices. Jeep Trails Hiking

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    GPS Devices

    Okay so i'm sorta poking around and looking at GPS's or even programs just to load onto a Tablet whatever. For general road use is ok but mainly for like Offroad trails and stuff of that nature. 4x4, hiking, etc. Can anyone recommend what y'all think would be considered in y'all opinions about them? Hope i made sense just now, tired from just getting off work lol.

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    If you get a specific "off road" nav they'll just be preloaded with routes and costs you a ton of money plus their updates are questionable. I did a lot of research on this 6 months ago and most of the folks reviewing those products recommend sticking with Google Maps and downloading an offline version of the area you are going. For example, I have the entire area of Moab downloaded as an offline map that updates atuomatically every 30 days or whenever I tell it. In addition, I have a 4x4 App from FunTreks (not free) that has pre-loaded routes from their books and it highlights the route in pink and uses my GPS to determine if I've gone off route but it's not turn by turn nav or anything.

    An app called Alltrails is pretty good and free but isn't really nav. I've not seen any nav system that does turn by turn off road so at the end of the day it's just pre-loaded routes if you get a nav systems or an app that just gets you to the trailhead then stops working after you lose reception. Google Maps allows you to create maps with different waypoints but it doesn't know who to connect them all together if it's offroad so that's no use. Magellan makes the most recognized off road nav but it's a lot for a little. Bottom line, do your research and watch some YouTube vids.

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    Merged thread here.

    I have a Garmin etrex20 for hiking and download Garmin's satellite maps. I think it's $35 per year for the map description. I love everything about it except that the screen is really small.

    For my Jeep, I use and ipad and have Gaia maps on it ($40 per year) and plug a BadElf GPS chip into it. That works great for the Jeep on trails.
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