Had an interesting weekend. I drained a lot of rusty water out of the radiator, not too happy about that I thought the last guys that touched it put an anti-freeze mix in there but apparently not; still working on trying to flush it out properly - if anyone's got any techniques I'm keen to hear them.

Anyway I went for a little cruise down the street and back, a quiet one at that (since the rear diff is only tacked up). No issues to report here.

Here's a snap I took next to my JK.


Oh another note I really need to get on to ordering some new springs! At this stage I've roughly calculated 200 / 200 upfront and 150 / 200 rear, however if there's someone out there that's good at calculating spring rates here's the information I have for the corner weights of the vehicle:

1300lb 1350lb - 14" front coilovers sit vertical and plumb. Front links are 34" long.

1100lb 1150lb - 14" rear coilovers sit vertical, plumb with approx. and 10-15 degree inwards toward the center of the vehicle. Rear links are 39.5"' long.