1972 Jeep J2000 Brake Booster Advice


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Hi All - My '72 J2000 (304 V8) needs a brake booster but all part stores tell me they can't help. That said, some of the boosters on their sites look identicle to what's currently in the vehicle. Anyhow, hoping for some advice on where to find a replacement or advice on a specific booster to use.




Have you tried contacting Summit Racing? They carry lots of builder parts for old iron. Hope this helps...


You may have to venture down the AMC side of things instead of Jeep. I believe that's about the time that power brakes first started in the Jeeps and they were borrowing parts from the AMC cars.

See if you can pull a part number off the old booster, might help you find a remanufactured or universal booster.



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Contact this place, see if they can rebuild what you have.

I have the same truck. Our local Napa store sent ours to a rebuilder to be fixed. It's been working good for about 15 years.


Try these guys out. just note - their website is still up but I drove past a couple weeks ago and the lot was pretty empty. Not sure what status of the place is but they used to have a shit ton of vehicles in the yard. Worth a call on Monday.

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