2007 Unlimited X chassis


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Hi all

I´m thinking about pulling the trigger on a 2007 Wrangler which I plan on doing an engine swap and putting on 40 or 42 inch tires.

I would like to buy new frame but the 2007 frame has been discontinued. I can get a new frame from later model JK. Do you guys know if there is any difference between the two frames besides engine and transmission mounts? If that´s the only difference than I should be able to use the frame from the 2012-2017 as I need to fabricate new engine and transmission mounts for the swap, correct?

My plan is to build the new chassis with Dana 60, mount the engine and suspension (2.5" lift) and then swap the body, should keep the car off the road for as little time as possible.

What do you guys think ?


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So far as I know, it should all be the same. The motor mounts may be different but since you're doing a motor swap, it won't make a difference.


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I don't remember which is which but you will have an extra body mount on either the new frame or the older body. Other than that I don't think even the engine mounts are different. The transmission cross-member was changed but either will bolt into the frame, just a different shape in the middle.
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