A/C problem


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Hello everyone, I’m new here so please point out any missteps.

Ive had my 99’ 4.0l grand Cherokee since 2013. It was in great shape and is still running very strong. I took it in for a blown head gasket years ago after a long road trip. It was summer, When I got it back I was happy. Cranked the a/c up on the way home and shut it off for the night. Went to work the next day and the a/c hasn’t worked ever since. Only hot air from cold start up and when I run it for a while.

When I hit the a/c button inside it does bog the engine down normally. clutch will not engage at all. Fuses and relays are good. I’ve bypassed the low pressure switch and went for a short drive, the clutch does engine when bypassed. But no cold air. I have refrigerant, maybe even overfilled ever so slightly. But it wasn’t working prior. No leaks in system

I don’t think taking shims out of the clutch will help at this point but I’m hoping someone here will have some input. Honestly all signs point to a bad compressor but I’m not sure.

thank you for any input you may have
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