ACC BAR for 2024-Up JL Wrangler & JT Gladiator w/Roll Bar Air Bags NOW AVAILABLE


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For those of you with a new 2024 Jeep JL Wrangler or soon to come, JT Gladiator, the roll bars on them are slightly different in that they now contain a side curtain air bag system. These air bags deploy downward toward the passengers and mainly from the B-pillar area but the plastic molding has changed enough so that the original ACC BAR roll bar mounting brackets no longer worked.

Well, thanks to billhesson, a member here on WAYALIFE and one who's been willing to help me out, I'm happy to announce that new brackets have been designed and are NOW AVAILABLE for 2024-up Wranglers and Gladiators. As you can see below, the brackets will now extend further out to help clear the plastic trim, are designed with a gusset to help provide more strength and will include a square hole to accommodate the changes made to the soft top door surrounds.

Of course, here are a couple of shots of what the ACC BAR looks like installed with the original brackets.


I should note that the brackets are designed to not interfere with the roll bar air bag system and will still sit as close to the sun visors and roof as possible, while still allowing for all the Freedom Top panel clamps and latches to work. (y)
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Nice work... I first noticed the new air bags when I tried to strap an Element 50 fire extinguisher to the roll bar .... "well damn....."


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Here's a shot to show how the new brackets are designed to accommodate the square hole for the soft top door surrounds that now exists on top of the 2024-up roll bars.

And here is a shot to show how the brackets now sit away from the plastic trim and out of the way from the base of it.
ACC 01.jpg

These brackets are also backwards compatible and will work on a 2018-23 JL Wrangler or JT Gladiator as well.
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