ANOTHER WINDSHIELD Bites the Dust - What Number are You On?


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After 12 years owning my 09 JKU, I'm still on my factory original windshield. No cracks or chips, despite being hit by rocks. Although my Wayalife Windshield Banner bit the dust from deflecting so my Rocks.


It seems I take a rock strike on Brute whenever I get within a 50 mile radius of Boise...two chips and a crack currently creeping north on the windshield...heading towards windshield number 4...


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Just put my first replacement on yesterday.

You can see the Crack in this photo from when I was swapping out my head unit.



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Took a hard hit in Vengeance, and started a crack, then later in the day, while airing up, the wind took the hood out of my grip, and really finished it off😭

The cracks turn in, and at the tight angle, look like wings🤣


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Wife picked up a tiny chip a couple days ago. This morning I noticed tiny little legs have sprouted. Fuck
B38A110C-0A67-443E-A509-6D3DB4FA87DE.jpeg .

Two hours later. I walked back out side and noticed this. Cute
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