BFG KM2's 35x12.50 17


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I recently picked up a set of five 37x12.50 STT Pros. I'm hoping to have them installed in the coming weeks once I have some free time. Before I post my old KM2's on craigslist I wanted to offer them up to someone here. They have just under 40K miles on them and have had a 5 tire rotation every 4k miles. They all have between 8-10/32's left. They have been used offroad and have some chunks, scuffs, and shallow sidewall cuts. They have been on the Jeep for 7 years so they are getting up there in age. Probably a good set to get you by for a short time before you can get new ones. Maybe someone who wants to go up to 35's but aren't sure. Send me a PM if you're interested. As I mentioned they are not currently available just yet as I'm hoping to have them swapped out in the coming weeks. Once they are off I'll post up pics.

Edit: I'm sure a location would help...haha. Forgot to mention I'm in Southern California.
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