Hello! 37s are slowing hitting the market again and my local shop has some 37x12.50 and 37x13.50 BFG Km3 tires in stock.

Anyone have any good experiences with these tires? I’m currently running Nitto Ridge Grapplers in a 35 and looking to go bigger.


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Agree with all the others. Can't go wrong with any good ole BFG at all really. I've run KOs, KO2s, KMs, and KM2s on different vehicles and never had an issue. All wore very well and performed great on and off road.


I run the BFG KM3 in 37 and have no complaints. I have heard the sidewalls may be their weak spot but have not had any issues yet. They run about a 1/2 smaller than most 37’s. Not really a big deal.
As with any Jeep mod we always think what’s next. My next set of tires will probably be 37 Nitto Trail Grapplers and staying with the 12.50 width.

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I was just pricing the km3 and ko2 in 37" and 39". I'm trying to decide which i want to run. I can get the 37's in 14 days or the 39's near the end of Sept.


I ran the KM2's (35'12.50) for 40k+ miles and they wore great. I wouldn't have hesitated to run the KM3's in a 37, but the deal I got on the Coopers was too good to pass up. Then they went and were bought out by Goodyear. Had this happened before I'd have steered clear of the Coopers and went with Trail Grapplers or KM3's.


If there's one thing that I've always liked about BFG's, it's that they're comfortable and wear like iron. Are there tires that are better on the trail, in my opinion, yes but that is not to say that these are bad tires.
Well, i guess you can say we have matching tires. I bought a set of 38x12.50 nitto ridge grapplers!


North ridge 4x4 finally has in stock the new 38x12.50 r17 in stock! Here’s to hoping my 44s can hold the tires...
I ran 33” KM3s for 16K miles before I sold my JL. I totally loved em. Rotated every 5K. Wire very well and balanced great. IMHO I wouldn’t go 13.5” wide given all the steering box issues. It’s a lot of meat.


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Loving my KM3’s. Running them in a 39. They like lower psi on the trail than my coopers did but once you find their sweet spot they won’t disappoint you. They are wearing nicely and so far (20,000 ish) miles they are staying balanced. I’d save I’ve still got over 75% tread. That being said, the do run small but there’s a whole other thread about that. Wish they made it in a true 40”… that’s my only complaint
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