can anyone post pictures from the show of - REGO 4X4?


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Hi there
looking for pictures from the JRI Shocks stand - with Rego 4x4 jeep..
it's in the upper south hall i believe..

Thank you


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Not exactly

Last year i was there, since last year i had a lot of changes in my life and i am not part of the jeep family anymore, maybe will be back in the future.
Since i know they have different setup this year i was interested to see it..
I know this it the best forum for the jeep family and there are updates from sema here, that is why i was looking for the pictures here..there is no hidden agenda.


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I think so, after searching in the SEMA website - found them under JRI shocks

Why don't i get reply notifications to my e-mail?

Rego rex

Kit is updated for Dana44 swap-in 3rd member diffs, and improved performance.
Very cool to see this progress closer to production!


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