CJ 7s Back to Glory


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She's a beauty no need to be embarrassed [emoji30] this thread is about reviving and giving new life to older jeeps whatever that may be , don't junk em, bring em back to glory

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Here's my 86 CJ 7. Looking at doing an engine swap, just searching for the right engine. I think I found a 5.3l with everything I need for a decent price. Then it'll be lockers, 37" tires, and who knows what else.

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Sorry, I should clarify. It's a D.U.I. (Davis Unified Ignition). Basically a HEI Distributor with the coil mounted on top. Haven't got it on yet but I have read alot of good reviews about it.

I can't say for the straight 6 but I just put a DUI on my Jeep truck 360 V8 and love it... Purrs like a kitty and runs / accelerates so much better, not to say that the old stock distributor had seen its days! Good luck on your project.


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Any opinions on manual vs automatic for CJ7? Beyond preference, is one better than the other in these old Jeeps?
Depends on intended usage i guess. I pulled the 3 speed out of mine and am using a th400/dana 20 from a j truck. Ive built mine for 95% trail use and prefer the auto on the trail. If i were running say. 50/50 street and trail id try to find a t176 or t177 4 speed because of the decent first gear and i prefer the manual out on the road. For mainly road use id probably swap in an ax15 to take advantage of the overdrive. A t5 was offered as a factory transmission, and has overdrive but can be on the weak side

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