Counterfeit manufacturers


Tge following are named in the court documents;

Changzhou Jiulong Auto Lamps Factory, Guangzhou Vcan Electronic Technology Co., Maxgrand Ltd., Sanmak Lighting Co., Shenzen Unisun Technology Co., and Unity 4wd Accessories Co. used to be one of the manufacturers of the red ring hid lights...wonder what they specifically got popped for

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I'm glad that they got busted. Proud of the company for standing up and fighting in behalf of the others. Im curious to see if any of the companies that had their products copied, originally had those products manufactured in China to begin with. I'm not saying its ok to copy, I just think companies should keep manufacturing in the US and some of these issues wouldn't happen. My friends call me an EVO whore....but that is one of the many reasons I like EVO products is that they are made in the USA! Just my :twocents:
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