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Well, for the first time ever I damaged a wheel stud while replacing the rotors. Then I cross threaded a lug getting it back on. I got the lug off, but can I repair the stud threads? Wondering if I should replace the stud.

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If its the threads on the stud that need repaired, you can buy a split die on line and put it as close to the hub and line up the threads and back it off the stud. I had to do this a couple years ago when some yahoo screwed mine up with an air gun. Didnt have the lug nut started right and just rammed it on.
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My helper got one of mine crossed a while back, but the nut took the worst of it. I got it off before the whole thing got bad and I was able to get another nut and work it on the stud to save it.

I robbed one from the spare, and put the mis matched one on there.

I do try to keep a couple of spare studs in my bag for really bad days.
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