Don't buy MOPAR Beadlocks


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Don't take it all personally. It's a forum and everyone here has their own views based on their experiences. And of course - hindsight is 20/20. When you're pissed off and seeing red for being in a crappy situation, it's just easy think you were set up. We've all been there, but lucky for you - You've got us to give it to you straight. :cool:

MOPAR accessories aren't any better than anything else. Dealerships tell their customers to buy whatever products they sell because of this or that, when in actuality its no difference than any other product. It's just business.

Personally, I don't use anti seize on my bolts, but that is because I live in Arizona. If I lived in a climate of extreme cold, rain, mud, etc. I would use anti seize. I think wheel companies avoid this question because of liability, and they just give basic install instructions, if any, and are very clear that beadlocks are for off-road use only.

I'm by no means a professional, this is just my hobby, but one thing I know to be absolutely true is that no one is going to give your jeep the time, and attention to detail then you. Not the classy fabricator churning out $200K custom buggies, and certainly not the techs at a dealership. It's just not going to happen. Always check it over yourself.
Well said. Fair.


I ran these wheels for 5 years prior to switching to the UD60's. I've had 3 different sets of tires on them, some of which were a complete MuthaF-r to get sealed, but friends have had similar issues with other brands. I always used anti seize and never had an issue with bolts coming out. Knowing what I know now I would have bought something different. Nothing against the wheel, They did the job. But it would have been better to get something with an offset that didn't require wheel spacers and was also a little wider.

Good luck with the new wheels! IMO those KMC's are Bad A$$$, nice upgrade from the Mopar.
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