How in the hell can someone alienate themselves? Is that like sending yourself to your room and not letting yourself be around other people?

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I highly doubt he’s Jealous or even gives a shit... Obviously this place isn’t his Cup of Tea and there’s nothing wrong with that... And I’m sure his business will do great.. I’m also sure Eddie will probably be made out to look like the Asshole on Social Media, and we’ll be the Assholes that hang out here.. Whatever. Fuck Social Media.

I think Sharkey nailed who Eddie & Cindy really are, and that’s Why I enjoy being apart of Wayalife. We are all Just Jeep Nerds that enjoy building Cool Shit and exploring with like minded people.

“Trust is earned, Respect is Given, and Loyalty is Demonstrated... Betrayal to any one of those is to lose all three”

I didn’t mean exodus is a jealous asshole, I meant people who attack what or who they can’t be better than are the jealous assholes.

And I absolutely agree with you, we are all Jeep nerds who love exploring [emoji106]

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