Finally Thought I would say Hello


Well, lets start with the apologies. I have been reading until my eyes are red with all the information available through the site and its members and really never gave a wave or intro. My bad.
My name is John and I recently retired and live in North LA County. I want to take my 2015 Jeep JKU sport and enjoy it in places no other vehicle can go. I caught the JEEP virus searching through YouTube videos and these Wayalife Jeep experiences caught my eye, dam you. Envious on what I saw, but knowing I would never do what those videos depict, I thought I would at least try and build a good starter. I have been running 35's with a budget boost, guess what, the tires have no more tread. New tire choices and my wallet flew open.

Here is the work being done right now:
Pro-Rock 44 Trail Leader package with 4.88 gears
1350 drive shafts front and rear
BF Goodrich KM3 37/12.50R17
ARB Dual compressor with MORE mount
Poison Spyder front and rear bumpers (they were already on from previous build)
MetalCloak 3.5 Game Changer FOX Edition
Currie Front Antirock swaybar (since no disconnects seem to work well with the Pro-Rock44)
DynaTrac big brake kit (had this as well and it sure made a huge difference)
Teraflex Hinged Tire Carrier (I know, its been there for 5 years with no issue YET. When it fails - gone. Until then I will keep an eye on it)

Short list for the future - armor for the belly

Thanks for all the knowledge you folks have provided over the years it helped me spend more money, ha ha. One thing I have learned over time, everybody will not agree on everything. Hope to soon be on the trails and really learn what the Jeep is capable of doing. Always waving hoping to see you on the trails. I am going to follow Eddie's advice and try to keep the shiny side up.


Caught the Bug
Welcome from MS. Looks like you've got a nice rig in the works!

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