FOR SALE : 37x12.50R17 Nitto Trail Grapplers


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Hey guys, I have a set of 5 Nitto Trail Grapplers for sale in a 37x12.50R17. One of them is new and the other have 70-75% tread left on them. For those of you who don't know, these go for about $450 a piece new bringing you to a total of $2250 for all 5. I just listed them on Craigslist for $1100 but will sell them to a WAYALIFE member for just $900. Local pickup only (Carson City or Vegas)


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Hell of a deal right there for a great tire, if only I wasn’t so happy with my Nitto Ridge Grapplers!


Man if I hadn't just bought the 35's a couple months ago I would definitely dive the 2000 miles to get them


LOL - tell me about it! I honestly was surprised that the 40's sold first. Oh well, not in any hurry so it's all good. :)
I was all ready to call dibs and drive over there but my boss said no... I don't think she understood me when I told her how spending $900 would save us some money. My coopers only have 30K miles and have some life left in them so I should make it until Fall probably.
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