For Sale...Modified '16 JKU with Hellcat


Well, decided it's time to move on from the JK6... IMG_7389.jpg

Only 22,000 miles, and no burnouts...


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Holy Crap! Someone is going to get one hell of vehicle. If I didn't still have 11 years of kids' college left to pay for, I'd be all over this.
Can’t wait to see what you have in mind next!Good luck with the sale Ed. Whoever gets this truck is getting one hell of a vehicle.


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Dude. Seriously?! Any rough price idea of what you're wanting to get for it? That is such a badass build.


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Jerry! ... Jerry! ... Jerry!


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I could see a hellcat gladiator in the future and unloading the Brute before selling the JK6 but who knows.

Ed I'll take your hand me downs any day!

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No more forced induction for me...and Brute is not for sale. I'm just finishing up the details on the bed configuration to make it a camping/fishing rig. But I do have one more custom build in the works...
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