Grill Insert Swap (JL to JT)

This was probably one of the quickest mods that I've ever done. I didn't plan on doing a write-up, but after looking at all of the pictures that I took, I figured I could piece one together.

JT insert P/Ns (with prices that I paid):
6QN21RXFAB ($6.02)
6QN22RXFAB ($12.10)
6QN23RXFAB ($6.02)

Grille off. Surprisingly, I was able to easily detach the bottom of the grille without the winch getting in the way.

There are 8 T20 torx screws and 4 white push pins that need to be removed before disconnecting the black snap tabs. You can use a flat head screwdriver to coax the black tabs circled in green. Once you release those, the tabs circled in red will release themselves by lifting the top of the inserts up and away from the rest of the grille.

JL vs. JT inserts. This is where things are different.
Green circles indicate the top black snaps present on the center JL insert, but do not function on the center JT insert.
Orange circles indicate provisions for Torx screws on the JT inserts, but not present on the JL inserts (nor are they present on my black grill).
Red circles indicate two tabs on the center JT insert, but not on the center JL insert. Modification of these tabs was necessary for proper fitment to my grille.

JT inserts in. However, the tabs on the middle JT insert (circled above in red and indicated with red arrows in this picture) result in the inserts not sitting flush.

Close up of the tabs on the center JT insert.

I shaved the raised areas highlighted in red using an X-Acto knife. It was very easy to do, as the plastic is very soft. This will allow for the center JT insert to slide underneath the two tabs located on my grille.

The tabs on the insert now sitting nicely under the tabs of the grille, allowing the pieces to sit flush as well as providing stability. I could have cut the tabs off completely, however I chose this modification for the added attachment points in lieu of the missing black snaps discussed above.

Here are comparison shots of JL inserts versus JT inserts. Right now I really like the chunky look of the JT inserts, however this mod is easily reversible should I wish to return to stock.




Meme King
Nice. I like it. I've noticed when I wash the JT, it's really easy to dry off the honeycomb area because the holes are so big.
At one point I thought I might install a PSC kit, and purchased the inserts for improved cooling of the PSC cooler. I haven't gone with the PSC (yet?), but I thought I might install the inserts just to see how they look.
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