Hi there!


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New old member here. I had a login years back, but I don't know if I lost it or if it's because the forum was updated and I never logged in since. Looks nice by the way :)

I've got a few years experience off-roading, but among this crowd I'm still on the green side. Bought my first Jeep in 2018 right when the JL came out. Love it, though I am having beadlock woes right now :/ (Most of the bolts have seized...guess I'm buying a new set).

I am a digital nomad, living out of an RV and towing my Jeep behind it. Guess that's enough about me.

Hi all!
Welcome to Wayalife from SoCal!

Just don't have your Jeep in first gear like my mom did when she was flat towing her YJ back in the day... lol
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