Hola from Houston


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Not a big Jeep mod-er, but I do enjoy going out to the Big Bend's in Texas where my stock (ok I do have seat protectors and a cargo shelf, ha) Willy's seems to do just fine. It's also my daily drive to work.
But, I REALLY DO enjoy seeing all the various Jeep mods and reading all the invaluable information on the ins and outs, tips and maintenance on the JL.
Thanks for letting me listen in. PXL_20201013_215935845.jpg


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Welcome from Texas (and Arizona)!

I have not been to Big Bend since maybe 1988, and that was in a '79 CJ-5 with a cracked exhaust manifold and original carburator. I recall that the Jeep trails were very rocky and rough with the leaf spring suspension.
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