Intervention needed?


Caught the Bug
Looking for some advice here. I won’t go into specifics to protect privacy. One of our fellow WAYALIFE friends is going through a rough patch and I’m afraid he might do something that he might regret. His Jeep has been having issues lately and been in the shop for a little while lately. I asked him via text recently for updates and he said he didn’t know and wasn’t even sure he cared anymore! I almost cried. I’m truly worried about him and even more for the Jeep. Any advice on how to handle this fragile situation would be much appreciated.


Meme King
A Jeep having problems? Never heard of such a thing.

Trade it in. No more current problems and a fresh slate can bring happiness.


Caught the Bug
I’m not even sure how to handle this! The beloved Brick is just looking to be made whole. He wants to run. Feel dirt beneath his wheels.


Caught the Bug
With all the time, money, and love that went into building brick the phrase ' cheaper to keep her ' comes to mind. At least your not fighting DW anymore[emoji23].

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