Jeep gladiator JT 2021 clunk on deceleration near stop


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Hi All,

I have issues with my gladiator clunking while near stopping on a 2021 gladiator. I also have some clunking from park to reverse. JEEP still stock 40000km
Service team says normal but it’s highly irritating. Do you have any suggestions or has this happened to anyone else before ?

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With that amount of information nobody can help you. A video or something that’s more helpful might get you some answers. Maybe a sway bar link?
A clunking when starting or coming to a stop is typically a loose component. As OverlanderJK said, it would help to have more information but the sway bar links are a usual suspect. I would start there.
Check your driveshaft bolts, control arm bolts, drag link and trac bar bolts, and brake caliper bolts. Something is loose for sure. Is the jeep lifted? Stock? So many factors with no info other than a noise? It could be a hand full of things. Dealers are idiots. Get under with some tools and tighten everything up and I’m sure you will find the problem. It’s not rocket science just nuts and bolts!
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