Magazine Articles - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


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The Good:
"Hey, your jeep is kinda cool - has anyone done an article about it?" Those were the words of photo-journalist Mercedes Lilienthal, when we met at Moab this past April. The result of that meeting is a multi page article in this month's issue of "Tread". Complete with pictures, it describes the initial concept, design, development, and modifications of the build; while extolling the might, and capability of it's rugged components. Good, right? Who wouldn't want to have their build recognized in a magazine? The article is titled, "Bad Ass Bandoola".
The Bad
Also appearing this month in "Four Wheeler" are several clips from a video showing Bad Ass Bandoola going on it's ass after a brake line broke while I was stepping down "High Dive".
The Ugly
It's bad enough having both appear at the same time; but one depicts it as "The Mighty" while the other simply shows, "Has Fallen".

The reality of the roll-over is: the biggest thing hurt was my pride. The jeep had a few dents and a broken windshield, I came through without a scratch.

In light of those articles and a couple posts here on the forum, I will post the pictures of the roll-over and the damage done to the jeep in another thread.


I must be an old ass 37 year old… I have a subscription to Fourwheeler, I also only buy physical books, not digital for the iPad. I just like turning the pages.

Also, the captions in the photos stated that it was caused by the brake line failure, even made a comment about how stout the cage is. Didn’t come off as driver error at all, I know it’s easier said than done, but I don’t think your pride should suffer any.


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I think you're good man, if the people reading these magazines are wheelers themselves, hopefully they are, they should understand the situation you're in and think you're only more of a badass for giving it a shot and still most likely have the coolest Jeep on the trip. If I read it, and occasionally I pick up JP or Four Wheeler mags, I just would've wished you luck on the next time you inevitably gave the same obstacle another go. 👍
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