Mbrp vs dynomax


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Hello all I’m wondering if any of you have an MBRP or Dynomax exhaust specifically the axle backs delete system I’m looking to delete my muffler in the back for more added clearance and wondered if anybody had anything to say about the two different companies, and which one would be better


Not sure about the MBRP, but quite a few have done the Quietcrawler install, whether it was the kit or buying the pieces listed here separately. Great sound without any droning.

Be careful with your downturn tip. Make sure it's pointed well away from anything meltable. Also watch the diameter - too large and it sounds awful. Keep sized the same as the rest of the pipe & you'll be good.



For a simple axle back muffler delete I don't think its possible for one brand to stand out much from any other brand, its just a bent piece of pipe about 2 feet long. Get the cheaper one...

On cat back systems that include a muffler where the stock resonator is however brand name can make a big difference as each company has different muffler designs that can sound drastically different from one another.


I spent some time researching a while back and the only system from dynomax was muffler delete pipe. It did its job clearing the back however it did not sound the way I wanted it to. I opted to go with Magnaflow overland system. It is pricy but worth every penny. Great sound inside and outside of the jeep. Never thought I’ll spend so much on a bunch of pipes 😂😂
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