Menacing Mice Messing Things Up on the Duramax

Woah! That's pretty awesome!! Definitely need to try the walk the plank thing and that A24 looks great too. What exactly does the A24 use to kill the rodents? We've used a Rat Zapper here in Carson City to take care of some squirrels eating our tomatoes and it zaps them with electricity, is it kind of the same or does the CO2 kill them?
The co2 propels a rod to crush their skull. Think of a cattle stun gun or captive bolt gun… IMG_0091.jpeg


If you Google “walk the plank mouse trap” and this a24 “trap” have been absolutely awesome. A few years ago. I went waaay off the deep end with trying to eradicate squirrels and mice

that's pretty cool, I've got some fucking squirrels that need to be gone.
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