Miles.. Everyone's got em, let's see yours!


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Damn, there is proof you, or Somebody, drives at least one of your Jeeps 🤣🤣

Congrats, that still explains why bricks only has 17k on it in a decade!

2015 JKUR AEV JK350
1985 CJ8 Scrambler

Lmao! She has a pretty long drive to work so it’s not a lot of stop and go which explains why the original tires lasted 85k miles and I’ve not even done brakes yet!!

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Took this 2 weeks ago on a trip back from Mammoth. 2018 JLUR averaging ~7k a year. I think I need to go on more weekend trips...


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I should have turned the lights off, as the glare ruined the pic, but hit this last night in Vengeance.


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