New RS7000MT monotube shock! Tons of new part numbers and applications


Caught the Bug
We have launched 13 new part numbers and those part numbers cover over 100 applications! Lots of Jeep (YJ,CJ, older ones) coverage for sure!
Check with your favorite retailer on cost.

From the pavement to the trail, the new Rancho® RS7MT™ monotube shocks are made for adventure. A complete performance upgrade for your Jeep, truck or SUV’s suspension system, Bring It with RS7MT shocks. Engineered to help you handle anything that comes your way, the RS7MT shocks are application-tuned for precision on-road and off-road handling.


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Caught the Bug
Sounds awesome! How do these compare to the RS9000XL shocks?
So these will be about a 7 or so on the 1 to 9 on the RS9000XL, so a more controlled ride feel, since they have a high nitrogen gas charge
They are also a monotube so dissipate heat faster than a twin or tri-tube design.
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