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Major Ursus

Personally I never really return anything. If something I buy doesn't work out, I blame myself first for not taking proper measurements or something like that before I bought something, especially when it comes to my Jeeps. I'll usually try to hook my buddy up with something that doesn't work for me, rather than blame the manufacturer who I most likely support since I purchased from them. Best of luck to you Eddie, I have seen more and more merchants moving to square 👍


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You know it’s funny. I generally don’t return products, unless there’s some serious and obvious defect. Case in point, I bought a molle panel for the back seat area of my Gladiator, but it didn’t fit because I have the liners on the roof and sides and Jeep changed the wiring harness cover from the original design that the molle panel was made for. I just added it to my pile and will eventually find a use and purpose for it. 🤷‍♂️😂
I just cant be bothered to go ship something back, unless it something very expensive, I have the same pile of parts waiting to be turned into something else, lol.
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