Possible future build questions for my 2014 2-door JK


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My plan this winter was to rebuild my factory Rubicon axles to beef them up as much as I could, want to run 37s down the road, so I’ve been looking into all of that, and then the wheels got turning....(pun intended)

So my dad is moving out to Reno soon and with him he is bring his many expertise, along with a few axles that got me thinking about projects for him and I. I know this area has been done, redone, told not to do, supported by some, however he has for me a Ford 95 Dana 60 front and a 95 sterling 10.25 rear that we might be looking at setting up for the JK.

I always figured I would get bolt in Dynatracs and certainly agree that is the best way to go but won’t have that money for awhile I think, then with these falling into my lap and are free (besides new parts needed, which I expect to add up) and we will do the work ourselves. Plus give me a chance to learn how to set up gears, weld and have a project with my dad. I’m strongly leaning this way but just curious what people had to say about the process of getting these to work on a 2014 with ABS and clearance considerations as well as if anything has to be moved on the frame side upfront. I’m ok with a big undertaking but need to know what’s all involved before I go fwd.

This also may be a time to stretch the JK a bit if needed, I do t want to move the gas tank or anything like that. so curious if anyone out there had any input on any of the kits available for that?

Ideally if things are right financially I’d be on a coilover set up and 37s or 40s- not are about 40s on a 2 door, but would be happy with a better axle set up on 37s

All pending wife clearance of course haha...

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