PSC reservoir hose routing.


Caught the Bug
Prior to installing my PSC system I read several posts about people cutting the bottom of the air intake box, in order to run the hose from the reservoir to the pump.
PSC supplies a 45° fitting to attach the hose to the reservoir. This puts the hose directly into the air box.
Another issue I've read about is not being able to mount the reservoir forward enough.
To resolve these issues, without cutting the air box, and getting the reservoir to mount properly, this is what we did.
1) We trimmed the plastic fins on the back of the headlight housing, to allow a groove for the wiring harness to set into. Thus allowed the reservoir to slide forward slightly, and mount perfectly.
2) We threw away the 45° fitting PSC provided, and purchased one that is straight. This allowed the hose to come straight out of the pump, and around the air box, and then drop into the pump.
I hope this helps anyone who is contemplating this upgrade.


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Very nice. I’ve heard some people cutting the air box and then using a soft membrane type material to seal it up. But I like your solution much better.
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