Raise hood while winching


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So I'm watching some vids today on proper use of a snatch block (a new bday present) and this guy said to raise your hood and rest it against your windshield while winching so if the cable comes back at you, the hood protects you. Seems like overkill if you have the windshield between you and the cable, have a weight on the line to dampen it, and have the hook facing downward. And now you can't see in front of you unless you stick your head out the window!

Do any of you recommend this strategy? Is there a time and place for it?


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I've heard that too but never have I actually done it. I would much rather see what I'm doing.


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So when you are winching, you really need to see what's happening. Who talked about this strategy? Who's "this guy"?

If I'm stationary and winching someone else, I'll put my hood up for an added level of safety. If I'm winching myself, I need to see where I'm going so good stays shut.


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I bet in certain situations it's a smart move. Like if you have a truck that's dead in the water/mud and it has a steel cable that's older. For most of the situations we all get in tho I would say it's overkill.
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