Rancho RS9000 leaking?


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I have been trying to track down some sort of oil leak around my front driver's side tire. I think I'm finally convinced it's coming from my shock on that corner. I did crack that nob a little during one of times I was cycling the suspension. The body of the shock is oily and all the other breather tubes and other places I have cleaned are dry minus inside the shock tower. Anyone else have their RS9000 leak like this? I'm assuming if I lost fluid in it I'll just have to replace the shock. Could it be leaking because of cracking that adjust nob? 20200503_131640.jpg 20200503_131714.jpg 20200503_131914.jpg

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Bad shock. It happens. No, the adjuster being cracked won't cause it.

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bummer, these have maybe 3k miles on them but hey at least they arent crazy expensive to replace. at least its not an inner axle seal leak on my PR like i initially though based on the oil stains haha.

maybe ill send Matt a PM and see what he thinks and get a new one ordered. i know i measured probably 10 times before ordering the right shock length so hopefully its not something i did to blow it that fast.


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I had one go bad pretty quick. I just bought a new one because I couldn’t drive around on three waiting for a warranty claim to go through.

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