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Agreed. It's hard to sludge up a diesel engine. Most of the ones I've seen with sludge is from coolant intermix. Coolant intermix on a diesel looks way different than a gas engine.
Only other way it can get bad inside is if the ccv system fails - even then it wouldn't be that bad- that is a clear case of failing egr/ccv/emissions junk. Pretty passionate about the topic after i lost a ton on money on my Ram 2500. I pretty much learned howto rebuild a 68rfe, and do all kinds of odd ends on a 6.7 cummins (and the 5.9 is a superior engine in terms of longevity imo). If your ever in the market for a new diesel - buy a duramax (they are the most sorted right off the line even with the emissions junk on them). Pretty solid injection system (L5P). Easiest to tune with hptuners etc.


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