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Exactly. I get that democrats stick with democrats or stick with their certain democrat checklist, but seriously why the fuck would anyone stick with this anti-American loser? Regardless of party, for ANYONE who wants to continue living in this country, what quality of life does Biden give any American? I've always leaned more conservative, but I grew up in a liberal area and still had respect for democrats because some had great arguments for their position and I still respected that. However, nowadays, the democratic party has gone full clown. I literally have no understanding how people can continue supporting this anti-American shit show. The democratic party is not what it use to be. Both parties need to study our original founding history and documents. Biden doesn't represent that.

In reference to the founding principles, that why they call themselves ‘Progressives’, they are moving past our founding concepts of limited Gov and self-determination and to a powerful centralized Gov with socialism. There is no liberty in ‘liberalism’.


Some exaggeration but mostly true

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