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That dude from Mississippi
Working on a section of fencing. I had a post rotting, by the gate.


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Cleaned out our apple tree before the snow comes this weekend IMG_4747.jpg Adjustments.jpg

Also, picked our pumpkins and a few of our sunflowers IMG_4746.jpg

Then let the chickens roam through what used to be our garden IMG_4707.jpg IMG_4711.jpg IMG_4720.jpg
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Sure did! [emoji16] supposed to start snowing sometime Saturday evening and a lot Sunday. Earlier this week it said it was going to snow through Tuesday, but they downsized the storm apparently.
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Oof, not looking forward to that! Looking forward to some great colors and peak hiking. With a little luck that shit will hold off until late November around here!

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I installed the Stromberg Carlson tongue tray on my travel trailer and upgraded my wife’s Expedition headlights from halogen to LED. Diode Dynamics in Missouri is where I got the low and high beams. Made in [emoji631]




That dude from Mississippi
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