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Caught the Bug
That place is cool, did you take the tour inside?

I couldn’t stop stop making dam jokes when I went. We did the tour that picks you up from the hotel, so we rode the dam bus with a damn bus driver to the dam where we took a dam tour led by a dam tour guide with a lot of dam facts.
Haha not this time but i went on the tour many years ago when i was young.I remember it was amazing.


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We went to the Mayfair Supper Club in the Bellagio last night…extremely entertaining. Jazz quartet with a killer jazz singer fronting the band, great food including old school table side carved prime rib…I would highly recommend it…


My wife used to come here in the late ‘70’s…The Crab Cooker…they closed a couple years ago for renovations, then covid hit. They finally reopened, and they meticulously put back everything on the walls and what was hung from the ceiling…much to our happy surprise…
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