Rear Mopar Grab Handles for JL Wrangler and JT Gladiator soft top


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This really isn't a write-up as much as it is a redneck attempt of a repair. I love the way that the JL / JT Mopar grab handles look. And I didn't realize until after I bought them that supposedly the Mopar rear grab handles will not work with the soft top on the JL Wrangler nor the JT Gladiator. I've had these for months and almost forgot about them. I just found them and well, I said 'Fuck it. Let's try.' So with one T40 socket and a T25 socket, I loosened the rearmost bracket holding the top support to the roll bar and installed these things underneath the soft top bracket. Seems to work just fine. If I have any wind noise or water leaks, I'll report back. But install seemed to work just fine. If this becomes a catastrophic failure and you read about me on the news, my bad, un-install them.

g (6).jpg

g (5).jpg

g (4).jpg

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g (1).jpg

g (2).jpg

g (3).jpg

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Hmmm… my handles came with my Jeep from the factory with a soft top. I have yet to install them. Lazy lol. I’ll take the time for a bumper but not grab handles. Lol. I guess I can see why people would claim they wouldn’t work. But to include them from the factory with a soft top I imagine there shouldn’t be an issue. I guess we will both find out. I’ll install Mine tonight when I get home.
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