RUBICON CLOSED due to Caldor Fire


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No smell in the house really unless the smoke is really really bad which isn’t often. Doesn’t even really smell like smoke in the garage. Yesterday was super hazy but I couldn’t smell any smoke.

And no, do you think I’m that stupid? It’s just the location of the air quality gauge.
Welp, A lucky someone on Silverwood street is getting a frozen bag of dicks in the mail.

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I was wondering about that.
We were getting ash yesterday that looks like snow on the porch.
just doesn’t stop.


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I was considering changing my plans for the 27th to Fordyce and then I saw this. Looks like CA National forests are gonna be off the table for a while. 😡 27DF3109-3BCA-4E44-9763-E4ABF1571859.png


Sucks, had a Rubicon trip planned for the last 6 months for Sept 12th. Looks like we are headed to Moab instead.
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