Should I get a JL or JT


What's with the van? I thought you were still hauling bulk in a pneumatic.

I'm over diesels in small trucks. Yes, they run great, when they run. They cost a shitload of time and money when they don't.

My '16 F-350 has had all the emissions gear replaced, and a turbo, which failed due to the emissions BS.
When I got that done, under warranty fortunately, as it would have cost over $8K, the fuel mileage dropped from an already shitty 14 down to 11.

And the big diesels are no better. I lost over 20% fuel mileage when I went to a newer emissions compliant truck, and it is always having problems.

In the 100,000 miles I have owned it, I have spent more and had more downtime than my '99 did over the 600,000 miles I owned it.
How does burning 20% more fuel lead to a cleaner environment? And don't even get me started on equipment. My older iron would easily run 16,000 hrs, and the newer ones are junk by 8,000.

Sorry for running the thread off into the weeds,

Get a JT. Non oil burner, and enjoy the hell out of it.
Yep I always wondered the thought process behind this. Also the production of "green" energy production wind mills and solar arrays.
Today in Corona, California. I dont think well ever see the 2s again.

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That's because you're at chevron. You can find it .50 to .75 cents cheaper per gallon at costco, 76, or Arco...haha
I got passed by a guy in a Prius today with a sticker on the back that said, “Hey man, nice Prius”. He was driving the thing like it was a sports car... I didn’t know what to think.

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My coworker commutes from Boulder City to Barstow and has one. He gets on the freeway and sets his cruise at 80 for his 2+ hour commute. He has said people get so mad when he passes them and they have to get back in front of him...haha.

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I current own a 2018 JL Rubicon. My plan was to do full Evo build when my wife’s new Bronco shows up.

I have been watching a lot of videos and I am starting to get the itch for a JT. My wife and I plan to start traveling and off-roading which is the reason for the build.

I would like some opinions as to if the JT gives up anything off-roading vs the Wrangler? Mainly does the increased length of the JT cause issues?

I have been around Motorsports for along time but I am new to off-roading And I’m doing my best to make a good decision the first time.

Thanks for any help.
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