Show your Knives!

I've owned several Gerber products over the years with no issues but I've always been sceptical of that machete. Seems like I always see it near the registers near the trinket gauntlet. I hope they take care of it for you.
I was going off past experience and the name. I’ve always had great luck with Gerber. I’ve had my multi tool for 25 years and it’s still going strong. We’ll see what happens.
You got me to wondering how many knives I have tucked away in the rig. Let's see, there are 3 that live in the Jeep; there’s the Gerber Strongarm tactical with the molle attachment next to the shifter, the Buck that fits nicely in the door pocket, and the Spyderco that stays in my Go Pack that’s always in the Jeep. Then there is one of my EDC Benchmade knives that’s are always on me. I’ve started carrying a Bradford Guardian 3 in my day pack that’s always close by and those don’t count the blades on the couple of multitools that are floating around somewhere in the tool pouches. I dont think of myself as the "tactical" type, but nice to be prepared. 90 % of the time I'm grabbing my Benchmade if I need a knife. I apoligize for all the red dirt, I just got home from 10 days with the doors off in Moab.


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