Show your ZJ' and WJ's!


Deer hauler.
94 w 5.2L and a 242 swapped.
Died at 278K miles, rusted out.

The bumperettes kept the local know it alls from hassling me.


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Replaced it w a 98 but its rough enough id have to have interior yanked and made into a buggy. Not gonna.
If prices come down on used Renegades may trade the bomber in on a 2017/18 Trailhawk.
Let my youngest drive it ....the old Grand aint comfy enough (no AC) for her (medical condition).
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Caught the Bug
Here's my old WJ. It has awesome suspension geometry with its long arms setup. It's rocking a double triangulated 4 link in the rear. ATX bead locks, 35" Stt pros, homemade bumpers, PSC hydro, HP D30 from an XJ with chromo shafts ARB locker, Currie 9" rear with Detroit. It's sitting at around 6.5" of lift with Bilstien 5100s. Fun rig! Years and years of getting the hell beat out of it in Sand Hollow and Moab. 20211106_124526.jpg 297787829_454186563223684_4703456122864458479_n.jpg 297106594_1129608284433084_3364254424266357342_n.jpg 297007332_616039699957433_450912981337237960_n.jpg 297981843_379720664238423_2440578323069225671_n.jpg 297088666_1148614229021268_5124007414335393507_n.jpg ere's my
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