Smittybilt SRC cage kit for 11-18 jku


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Wanted to do a write up on the Smittybilt SRC cage kit i installed on my 2014 Jeep Wrangler JKU this past week. Now i know people don’t like Smittybilt and i truthfully am not a huge fan either but this cage kit came at a great price and was in stock locally. Seeing the Rock Hard cage side by side with the Smittybilt, there 70B34D7F-B35C-4BC9-A225-ADA81B42C809.jpeg were almost no differences. Design, steel thickness, build quality were all very very similar. I did not want to wait the 10-12 week lead time for a rock hard cage and i am very happy with the Smittybilt. Install went fairly well and i only had trouble with the trimming of the door surrounds for the overhead bar. Seemed like a lot needed trimmed but was able to make it work! Cage is very solid and i love the strength and fit. Hope i never have to use this mod but i am very happy i went with it. Pictures attached


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