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I just wanted to give a BIG shout out to Discount Tire and specifically the one in Carson City, NV for always being friendly, polite and for providing great service. Although I didn't feel a need to balance our new 42" Nitto Trail Grapplers, I decided to stop in just to see if they could work on a tire that big. And, as I would come to find, 42" was their limit or so long as the tire and wheel together weighed 180 lbs or less. I should also note that they had no issues with the tire being mounted on a KMC Grenade beadlock wheel. Of course, I stopped in right when they opened at 8am, had no appointment and they were still able to get everything done by noon! I should note that I had them use tape on weights and being that Nitto makes such amazingly round tires, one didn't require weights, one just needed very few and the rest didn't need more than a small car tire would and these are 42's!

Anyway, kudos to Discount Tire for always being the best place to buy and have tires serviced (y)



I was just talking to a co-worker about how there is finally a Discount Tire going in our area. I have heard nothing but good things about the company. Looking forward to working with them in the future.


I’ve always had good service at Discount tire particularly when working on oversized off-road tires. That’s why they always give them my business for each of the 5 vehicles that I own.


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24 years ago while at Ft Carson CO they were my go to for any tire purchases/ work. Great company then glad to see they still are now.


Yeah I need to go down there and see about buying certs for the new Jeep. I've always been very happy with them and their customer service.


Are those even still a thing?


Damn just getting hammered by the norcal guy...haha.
Sorry, LOL I couldn't help myself. Certs means the same thing in my world too, just don't know what certificates there are from a tire shop.


Sorry, LOL I couldn't help myself. Certs means the same thing in my world too, just don't know what certificates there are from a tire shop.
Through America's (Discount) tire when you buy tires through them you can purchase certificates for them. If you get a flat and they can fix it it's free. If they can't they replace your tire free. I think I remember someone telling me you can take a new vehicle there and purchase the certificates and they'll do the same thing. I may be wrong though.

Discount Tire

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Thank you for all the kind words. We appreciate all your support.

@jese3638, you are correct, if you purchase a new car our stores will offer your Certificates if it is a tire we sell upon inspection.

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I’d like to thank you guys as well as Eddie and Cindy! America’s Tire, (the name here in Redding CA) sold me a set of 37” STT Pros (we snow wheel a lot) and life time balancing. With help from the fantastic beadlock installation videos from Wayalife, I was able to mount them up and they were pretty decently balanced. Took them to you guys to program the new TPMS sensors and balancing and they did a great job; balanced perfectly. Thanks!
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