The BEST "I HATE WAYALIFE" YouTube Video Comments


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That about sums it up perfectly. Kills me whenever I see thousands upon thousands of virgin desert being completely razed in order to install new solar power plants. Fuck all the tortoise and birds and plants that are hundreds or even thousands of years old. Gotta save the planet. :rolleyes:
The solution is mandatory birth control. Windmills and solar cells destroy the natural environment that we love!


If I want a ton of leg room and a smooth ride I’ll buy a Cadillac. If I want to have fun, I’ll drive my jk! I don’t want a Cadillac. I’d rather have fun. Lol


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LOL - here's an unusual one that I got from a VorrX Pistol. Apparently, he disliked our latest video because we didn't install ball joints made by a friend especially since he's read how much better they are on forums.

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Lol, this guy's a tool because I mean hey, I trust my best friend but he is also a dumbass at times 🤪 Friends understand differing opinions and it's one of the reasons why they are considered friends. Sounds like he is still not over his most recent breakup with his boyfriend 🙄


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LOL - just got the following from a Guy Reynolds who was offended by the Team America Jeep or maybe more so, that I made a “comment” about it.


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LOL - you just can't ever please everyone. Here's a gripe from a Pat Sample who's annoyed with our SEMA coverage because all the manufacturers brought out Broncos to the show.

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LOL - I just don't get guys like this Rob Grasso guy. To watch a video posted up over 3 years ago and still get his panties in a bunch over a sign on my garage wall. What a loser.

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And that’s why so many people are worried about what they do or say, because of the one person they may offend. People get butt-hurt over the smallest things anymore. Honestly, this is why 99% of people won’t start YouTube or any other social media. They are more concerned about the 1% of haters, then the thousands of people who would enjoy the videos and how to content you create.

stepping off the soapbox now…lol
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