These guys are superstars!!!

I can not say enough good things about Robbie and his team. As some know, we had an LS3 upgrade done as a surprise for my Dad, in his 2008 JKUR last Oct.

During the winter is wasn't going to be doing anything, and we had a couple of little things that had popped up from a wheeling trip to Winterfest in St. George. So we dropped it off with Robbie for some tender loving care. Little did I know what would happen next. (actually I did, because he kept us in the loop constantly)

In the course of the month... Well, I'll let you watch the 2 video's below. Robbie and his gang have *pulled the proverbial rabbit out of the hat*. His gang are just such superstars around this whole effort from the integration, the design, and now the computer and software integration. This is going to leapfrog other efforts in this space as he continues to evolve his solution. I gush about the LS3, but he does all kinds and I think his CAN efforts will be available for all as well.

That's my Dad's Jeep being the guinea pig for what they have done with their CAN integration. I'm a software engineer and I'm still in awe with what they have done and how quickly they have done it.

Robbie, hats off to you and your guys. Keep it coming!!!

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